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Jack N. Tedford, Inc.

 StreetPrint™ is an asphalt surfacing product.  StreetPrint™ Pavement Texturing replicates the appearance of pavers, brick, cobblestone and other decorative paving products.  The texturing process is applied to hot mix asphalt pavement.  The textured surface is then fortified and colored with the StreetBond Surfacing System in one or a combinations of colors. 

The Company is offering for sale its StreetPrint™ patterns and equipment.

StreetPrint™ is a cost effective decorative paving.  The color is a state-of-the-art acrylic polymer providing  a durable decorative paving.  StreetPrint™ is ideal for streets, pedestrian areas, medians, parking lots, driveways, parks and playgrounds.  StreetPrint™ is made to last.  It has proven world-wide performance in extreme weather conditions and heavy traffic. 



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