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JNT, inc.

The Company is completing a spin off of its real estate brokerage business and its computer services business to a new company, JNT, Solutions, LLC.  This leaves JNT, inc. able to focus on uses for its gravel pit property.   

The Company is interested in selling or leasing its aggregate pit property.   Our aggregate property is located on US 50 across the highway from Lahontan Dam and Lahontan Reservoir located between Fallon and Silver Springs, Nevada.  This property has approximately 637 acres and is located on the railroad.  This property has been used  to produce aggregate base, concrete aggregates, asphalt aggregates, chips, highway blotter sand and sand for winter sanding.  For more information regarding the property please check our Lahontan gravel pit page for maps and pictures of the property.  

The shareholders of JNT, inc. are interested in selling their corporate stock.  Purchasing the shares of stock may be a better option for a buyer of the property rather than buying the land and then needing to transfer use permits, obtain new state and county business licenses, etc.  

The Company is currently investigating additional uses for portions of the property not dedicated to mining of aggregates.  Possible uses being considered for the property include solar power generation, geothermal power generation, and/or recreational uses related to Lahontan reservoir.  

For further information on our aggregate pit property, please call our corporate office at (775) 298-2602 or (775) 831-7444 or send an e-mail to


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