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124.74 Acres of Prime Real Estate Land with Geothermal Possibilities Available in Fernley, Nevada


The portion of this property shown in green on the map below has been sold.  The portion shown in yellow on the map below is for sale.  There is gravel remaining on the property for sale.  There is a pending geothermal lease on the property. 

PRICE REDUCED from $1,250,000 to $950,000 to $499,000

This property has approximately 125 acres.  It is located on the eastern end of Fernley, Nevada near Hazen, Nevada on US 50A between Reno and Fallon, Nevada.  The entrance to this gravel pit is off US 50A  at the junction with the Fernley Farm District road.  This property has been used to produce asphalt aggregate, concrete aggregate, aggregate base, chips, landscape rock, and sand for winter sanding of highways, sand seals and bedding. A geothermal lease has been negotiated but not yet signed.  The  background picture is taken from the property looking to the north.  Click on the maps below to see the location of the property in Western Nevada.  Click the back arrow to return to this page. 

To view pictures, click on the small picture to see a larger picture and then click on the back arrow to return to this page.


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We have an additional gravel/development property available near Lake Lahontan.  Click here to see the Lahontan property web page.  For further information on our aggregate properties please call our office at (775) 298-2602 or (775) 831-7444 or send an e-mail to jack@jntinc.com. 



For more information and viewing the property contact Jack Tedford, Cell number 775-722-1045 or the numbers below.

Jack Tedford is a Nevada Licensed Real Estate Broker interested in selling this gravel/geothermal propety as a private sale.

Listing this property on the JNT Solutions website is done as a courtesy only.

Neither JNT Solutions nor any other broker has a listing at this time.



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