637 Acres of Prime Real Estate and Gravel Pit Available Between Fallon and Silver Springs, Nevada

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LAHONTAN GRAVEL PIT / Development Property

This gravel pit has approximately 637 acres and is located on a railroad track.  It is located at 17800 Carson Highway, Fallon, Nevada between Fallon, Nevada and Silver Springs, Nevada on US 50.  It is across the highway from Lahontan Dam and reservoir shown in the background.  The entrance to this gravel pit is off US 50 just East of mile marker CH 2.  This pit has been used to produce asphalt aggregate, concrete aggregate, aggregate base, chips, rip rap, and sand for winter sanding of highways, sand seals, and bedding.  We estimate that this gravel pit has an approximate minimum of 42,592,000 tons of aggregate reserves. The background picture is our property and Lake Lahontan taken from our property.  For more information on this property, check the News navigation button above. 

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This property is being sold by the owner JNT, inc., a Nevada Corporation and is available as a land purchase or a stock purchase

We have an additional gravel/development/geothermal property available in Fernley, Nevada.  Click here to see the Fernley property web page.  For further information on our aggregate properties please call our office at (775) 298-2398 or (775) 831-7444 or send an e-mail to jntinc@jntinc.com.


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